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You can use the links below to go straight to a product page on our web site.  However, if you are not familiar with our products, you may prefer to start with the Metal Stitching section which discusses our stitching pins and locks or read the Products page which provides specifications for our various products.

You can download our full LOCK-N-STITCH catalog in PDF format here (7MB).
If you have a slower connection, you can download the catalog piecemeal below.
Pages 1-7 (2.38MB).
Pages 18-34 (2.34MB).
Pages 35-52 (2.45MB).

You can download our Thread Repair catalog from our Full-Torque product line here.


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These catalog links will take you to our product pages:

Stitching Pins:
L Series L4        L Series L6        L Series L8
C Series C1       C Series C2F      C Series C3      C Series C4

L10 and L15/5     L15 and L20     L30 and L40     L50 and L60

Thread repair:
Full-Torque Website

Stitching Pin Mini-Kits
Lock Kits
C Series Kits
Stitching Pin Combination Kits
Head Shop Kits
Engine Rebuilder Kits
Industrial Kits
Accessory Kits:  includes extension kits and repair kit for diesel water passages

L Series taps and C Series taps

Tap Extractors and Tap Adapters

Drill bits, countersinks and spotfacers  

Sealants and tapping fluid

Pneumatic Tools:
Tapping gun, mini-needle scaler, 3/8" reversing air dill, 1/2" reversing air drill, 3/8" impact tool, short air hammer, 1/4" die grinder

Right Angle Tooling:
Hand tools, drill bits, adapters, spotfacers and countersinks for close quarters work

Tool organizer, pin organizer box, head holders

Stitchin' Center:
Stitchin' Center and Turn-N-Stitch

Additional items:
MAGCHECK, Quick Air, drill stops, pin spacing drill jigs, grinding discs, large collet for working with C3



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