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You're probably curious about the type, scope, quality, and appearance of the repairs that have been done with our products and would like to see some examples.  If so, this page should be just what you want. 

The files below are in pdf format.  They are step-by-step pictorials of a wide range of repairs performed by LOCK-N-STITCH Inc.'s Service Department over the past several years.

Engine Blocks
Series 53 Cummins 5.9 engine block; (1.46mb) Formal repair instructions for this block

Series 53 Cummins 5.9 engine block; (830kb) typical in-frame repair for this common failure

Cummins 5.9 reinforcement; (1.52mb) Instructions for the Cummins reinforcement bracket

Custom truck with cracked 5.9 block; (933kb) this block was arc-welded and required an extensive repair

OMC marine engine repair; (108kb) repair of a large hole in the side of the block caused by freezing

Cylinder Heads
Chrysler 318; (822kb) cracks were between intake and exhaust seats

GM cylinder head; (326kb) crack extended from the valve port through the seat

Aluminum crack inspection and repair examples; (3.31mb) use of dye-penetrant and stitching aluminum heads

Crack repair through the sparkplug hole; (1.42mb) cast iron cylinder head with severe crack

Cummins L-10; (0.99mb) it was cracked through the injector hole

Cummins Mod-B; (1.84mb) another injector hole repair

Cummins 5.9;

Industrial Repairs
Cooper-Bessemer LSV reconditioning; (2.89mb) worn liner registration and seal surfaces on the block

Ingersol Rand compressor cylinder; (1.84mb) replaced large section damaged by hydrostatic pressure

Ingersol Rand KVS compressor; (2.18mb) unit was badly damaged by a broken connecting rod

Nejapa Wartsila; (3.08mb) another block damaged by a broken connecting rod

Sacramento City flood control pump; (1.16mb) broken discharge bolt flange

Sea Escape; (6.23mb) Wartsila generator onboard the vessel was damaged by a piston failure

Shaver Lake hydroelectric plant; (720kb) broken generator stator housing

steam turbine repairs; (1.63mb) various repairs to steam turbine shells

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