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Furnace Brazing & Cast Iron Fusion Welding

Cracked Crusher Flywheel Brazing Repair (PDF - 5.79 MB)

Furnace Brazing

At LOCK-N-STITCH Inc. we offer proprietary furnace brazing and cast Iron furnace brazing processes that rely on high temperature preheating of cast iron parts prior to the welding process. Furnace brazing requires 1000 °F. and cast iron fusion welding requires 1500 °F. Both processes utilize acetylene torch methods. We never arc weld on cast iron. Arc welding with nickle electrodes made by all manufacturers will only cause more damage by creating even more cracks than there was before the weld attempt plus the cast iron will become so hard it will not be machinable. Failed arc-welded castings will always cost more to repair and often cannot be repaired. Without high temperature preheat in an oven environment, welding cast iron usually results in disaster.

We provide a variety of additional services such as inspection, machining, metal stitching, non-destructive testing, failure assessment, and thread repair.

We are ISO 9001:2008 certified and work on all castings including automotive engines (high-performance and antique), compressors, ship engines, small diesel engines, earth-moving equipment, gears, pressure vessels, stamping presses, stationary engines and turbines for a variety of customers around the world. Our expertise extends to a range of industries, including but not limited to agricultural, automotive, manufacturing and remanufacturing, trucking, locomotive, marine, mining and oil and gas.

To learn more about our fusion welding and furnace brazing capabilities please see the table below or contact us directly.

Fusion Welding and Furnace Brazing Capabilities

Welding Process
Fusion Welding/Furnace Brazing
  • Proprietary Processes Developed by LNS
  • Oxyacetylene Process
  • Preheat Material up to 1,500ᵒF
Gray cast iron, Ductile Iron, Cast steel,
Cast aluminum, and Brass/Bronze castings
Additional Services
Machining/Boring In-house and On-site
Metal Stitching In-House and On-Site
Non-Destructive Testing (NDT)
Pressure and Hydro testing
Failure analysis
Industry Focus
Architectural Castings
Corrugated Box
Internal Combustion Engines
Machine Tools
Metal Working
Oil & Gas
Power Generation
Intended Application
Automotive Engines
  • High Performance
  • Antique
Ship Engines
Diesel Engines
Earth Moving Equipment
Pressure Vessels
Stamping Presses
Stationary Engines
Industry Standards
ISO 9001:2008
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GIF (Graphics Interchange Format)
IGES (Initial Graphics Exchange Specification, ANSI file format.)
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